New Album: Are You Listening?

Produced by Ani DiFranco
Available for pre-order

Here it is, my friends: my new record, “Are You Listening?”, produced by Ani DiFranco, will be out on Righteous Babe Records on March 24th. But you can pre-order it through my Kickstarter Campaign here:

Please share this link far and wide.

This record is a labor of love. Ani was truly amazing: she opened her home to me, brought her wonderful touring band to bear, and coaxed the best performances out of us we could give.

The band (Todd, Terence, and Anna) were deep and generous, as was Mike Napolitano at the desk, and Ani with her piano and vocal overdubs and mixing prowess.

And now I’m launching this little paper boat of whatever wit and beauty and tenderness I could muster on the waters of 2017. In true indie spirit, my deal with Righteous Babe is a licensing deal: they provide distribution and a megaphone to the world, and I front all the costs of recording, manufacture, and publicity. That’s why I need your help with this Kickstarter. You can order many different rewards, including of course the CD and LP but also handwritten lyrics, one-on-one workshops, handmade songs, and house concerts.

I know that many of you pledged for Silver Ladder and Vlad the Astrophysicist. For the regulars, we’ll be throwing in a couple (or three, depending on supplies and levels) extra goodies, as a further token of my gratitude. I’ve been surviving as an artist for twenty-odd years and I’m aware every day that I owe it to you.

I know I’ve asked a lot of you all lately, with the 12-hour concert and with the Lift Every Voice EP. These times call for us to look after each other and I thank every one of you who has answered my exhortations to give your time and money and attention to causes we believe in.

This time, the cause is my own work; my songs and my continued life on the road, bringing music to people. I heard a young folksinger at a festival last summer sing a line about how our job is to sing the people through, and I think that young man is right as rain. I’m doing my best.

Thank you all so much. Please dive in and find a reward that you like, and please share the campaign as far and wide as your circles allow. Here’s the link:

All the best,